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Employee Misconduct

Employee Misconduct

Background Checks

You want to stay on top of employee misconduct. The laws in New Mexico just changed around hiring policy. As a business owner, you are no longer allowed to ask whether or not your applicant has been convicted of any crimes. It is only after your official background check that you are allowed to ask follow-up questions. At RCI, we conduct thorough background investigations. Ask us about the services available to you.

Employee Misconduct

Employee misconduct - internal investigation

What was he doing for 2 years…?

So, you missed something in the hiring process. We recommend using a company like ours to help you vet your candidates. But, occasionally something slips through the cracks. You think there is employee misconduct at play. You need to be sure. You’ll need to hire somebody to find out. There are different suspicions that business owners go through: theft, harassment, drug and alcohol abuse. If you are left with an employee situation after the fact, you need to investigate. A private investigator can help you compile the evidence you need to confront the situation head on.  Employee misconduct costs you time and assets. An invalid accusation could be worse. You need to get the facts so that you can make an informed business decision. If you are dealing with employee misconduct and you need an internal employment investigation, hire a professional.

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