Computer, Cellular Phone Forensics | RCI PI
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Computer, Cellular Phone Forensics

Robert Caswell Investigations, Inc. recognizes that computer technology often drives our professional and personal lives. Misuse of systems is becoming increasingly more common with issues including improper personal use of company equipment and time, visiting inappropriate websites and unacceptable communication.

Often, hidden evidence can be discovered by our forensic technicians, enabling our clients to have a clear picture of what that device is being used for on a day-to-day basis. RCI’s court-qualified computer forensics expert is equipped to compile his findings in an investigative report and is available for testimony in instances of arbitration or civil litigation.

Cellular phones have also become a valuable source of information, containing multiple modes of communication such as texting, emails and social media. RCI is partnered with a forensic recovery company to extract information that may validate concerns.