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Utah Private Investigators

Utah private investigators

Finding A Private Investigator In Utah

Are you looking for a private investigator in Utah? RCI Private Investigations has you covered. Our team of private investigators has PIs available to meet your investigative needs in Utah including Salt Lake City and Provo. Specializing in services like person locates, surveillance, and internal investigations, our PI can provide your investigative needs.

Utah has a large geography which can make investigations more difficult. Our team works exclusively in the southwest and is used to conducting field investigation in large loosely populated areas. Utah private Investigators can help you with a variety of discovery. Finding out where a person can be located for judicial purposes like testimony or to deliver insights are just some of the uses of a PI.

Do you need to get both sides of the story? At RCI PI we specialize in internal employment investigations. Accusations of harassment? Get to the bottom of what happened. We’ll garner testimony and help you isolate if there was an offense. Embezzlement? Let us help you find out how they cooked the books. If you think something is amiss in your organization and you need an investigation conducted in Utah, RCI is ready for hire.

Surveillance?  Do you need to document somebody’s actions. We have investigators who can keep tabs on your target. Photographic documentation is one of our specializations. Did someone breach your NDA? Do you suspect an employee of doing other activities while on the clock? Do you need to keep an eye on your product movement? You may want to hire a private investigator in Utah.

Private investigation requires proper licensing and permits, professional tact and interview skills. You want to work with a company that employees the best investigators in the business. Contact RCI Today >>