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Dealing with Harassment at Work

Dealing with Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that affects many people in the workplace. According to research, 35% of women and 16% of men have experienced some form of sexual harassment at work. It’s important to know what to do if you experience this type of behavior or if you are a business owner who needs to investigate a complaint.

The first step is to recognize what constitutes sexual harassment. By definition, it is any unwelcome sexual contact or behavior, which includes telling sex stories, joking, or even obvious leering. If you feel uncomfortable with someone’s behavior towards you, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

Here are five essential tips on what to do if you suffer sexual harassment in the workplace:

Tell Them You’re Uncomfortable

The first thing you should do is tell the person that their actions are making you uncomfortable. Sometimes people don’t realize their behavior is inappropriate and will stop once they know how it makes you feel.

Document It

If the person continues their behavior despite your discomfort, start documenting each occurrence in a notebook. Write down the time and date of each incident and keep any texts, emails, or voicemails as evidence.

Report to HR

Report the issue to your company’s human resource department or special team responsible for dealing with these issues. They will need proof before taking steps against the perpetrator.

Report to Police

If HR refuses to take action despite evidence or if sexual harassment turns into sexual assault, report it directly to police immediately.

Consult A Lawyer

If severe or ongoing sexual harassment occurs, consult a lawyer who can help determine your next move and understand your rights.

At Robert Caswell Private Investigations (RCIPI), we understand that dealing with sexual harassment can be difficult and overwhelming. We offer professional services that can provide investigations into these types of claims so that businesses can create safe work environments for all employees, while individuals receive support through these challenging times.

Don’t hesitate – contact us today and see how we can help protect your rights and ensure a safe workplace environment for all!