5 Employee Complaints That Put Employers in Legal Hot Water
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5 Employee Complaints That Could Put Employers in Legal Hot Water

5 Employee Complaints That Could Put Employers in Legal Hot Water

75% of office workers in the US have witnessed employee misconduct. So how do you respond to employee complaints?

Taking complaints made about and by employees is integral to your business. By accepting feedback, you’ll continually improve your management style and avoid liability.

Keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover some common employee complaints and why it’s important to fix them.

1. Equipment Misuse

Employees very often use company-owned equipment for personal reasons. Many supervisors overlook this fact. But it could lead to financially unsound employee theft over time.

Depending on their usage, employees could also put the company at risk. Especially if what they’re doing is illegal, noncompliant with company standards, and more. If their usage continues, you can be held responsible for any resulting damages and fines.

2. Being Overworked

Being overworked is one of the most debilitating employee problems. When employees are overworked, they’re prone to procrastinating and disorganization. Their morale and motivation decrease, and the quality of their work may suffer.

Don’t interpret this complaint as an attack. Instead, work with employees to re-delegate the workload. Sometimes, you may need to hire more people to ensure the work is done correctly.

3. Not Following Procedure

Businesses have certain procedures in place for a reason. In many cases, these procedures are necessary to comply with the terms and conditions of some products and services.

Many of these procedures are also critical for legal compliance. Even if your employee was found to be at fault for noncompliance, you’ll also be held responsible as a business owner. So if someone’s bringing this problem to your attention, it may be time to re-train the employee or consider alternative courses of action.

4. Disorganized Workplace

No boss likes hearing that their employee thinks the workplace should be run better. But in many cases, especially with newer businesses, supervisors are so busy that they forget to reflect on how they’re running the workplace.

Take this complaint as the perfect impetus for positive change. Otherwise, disorganization can fester. If this happens, your best employees might leave for better workplace experiences.

5. Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is pervasive. In particular, many women experience some form of harassment in the workplace. Though keep in mind that many men experience sexual harassment in the workplace as well.

Victims of sexual harassment are also often pressured into silence. So when a worker says they’re being sexually harassed, take the complaint seriously. Otherwise, they might feel too uncomfortable to remain in the workplace.

They could also take legal action, stating that the business was negligent in holding their assailant accountable. For sensitive cases like these, you’ll often need a third-party investigator’s help.

Employee Complaints: Handle With Care!

Companies are becoming savvy about the importance of a happy workplace. So address your employee complaints as soon as possible. It can boost workplace morale and productivity while indicating legal compliance.

At Robert Caswell Investigations, we understand the importance of a thorough investigation. That’s why we provide private investigative services trusted by even governmental organizations. If you need a professional investigator on your side during an employment investigation, contact us today!