Person Locate Investigation: 3 Ways to Locate a Missing Person
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Person Locate Investigation: 3 Ways to Locate a Missing Person

Person Locates

Person Locate Investigation: 3 Ways to Locate a Missing Person

Well over half a million individuals get reported missing every year in the US. You’ve likely heard that the first 72 hours when a person goes missing are the most crucial. Acting quickly will help set things in motion and quite literally save a life. Once the authorities have been notified, how does a person locate investigation work? In this article, we’ll go over 3 techniques used to locate a person who has been identified as missing.

1. Hire a Private Investigator

The first step after filing a report with the local police department is to hire a private investigator. Private investigation services generally offer what an overburdened police force cannot: time and attention to the case.

Private investigators are able to utilize time and expanded resources to start on a case immediately, whereas a police force is beholden to certain restrictions and resources when it comes to person locating.

Private investigators use many techniques such as combing through comprehensive financial reports and contacting extended family members.

2. Conduct Physical Searches

A second way by which authorities look to find a person’s location is through a physical search. Searches include locations by land, air, or sea.

A ground search might include any of the following:

  • Gathering volunteer teams
  • Assigning search areas
  • Tagging suspicious areas
  • Handing out flyers or photos
  • Checking with jails or hospitals
  • Sweeping wilderness areas
  • Using personal location beacons

Numerous items are used during a physical location search. Along with something like a personal locator beacon, other items might include maps, reflective clothing, tape, and personal phones to help locate the person in question.

3. Talk To People

One of the most straightforward tactics used during a missing person search is to talk with people who know the person in question. Database searches and physical location searches are of course helpful, yet more insight can be found by simply talking to others.

Friends, acquaintances, distant family members…any connection is an important one when searching. Social media can also provide help by providing an outline of habits and activities prior to their missing status. Online posts can also help spread the word far and wide. The more eyes and ears on the ground, the better.

By conducting interviews with people, however distant the connection, more information can be brought to light. Family members and friends might be able to provide last known address locations, any potential connections, or encounters with suspicious people.

Case Closed on Person Locate Investigations

Steps taken during a person locate investigation are complex and oftentimes involve a collective of people and resources to get the job done. The above are simply three steps in a multitude of tactics used to bring someone safely home to their loved ones.

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