Can You Install Surveillance Cameras in Your Business Building? | RCI PI
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Can You Install Surveillance Cameras in Your Business Building?

Surveillance cameras

Can You Install Surveillance Cameras in Your Business Building?

Your Business and Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras stretch from sea to shining sea. The United States is home to roughly 50 million surveillance cameras.

When people think of video surveillance, they usually think of cameras in mall entrances. Many business owners assume they can’t put a surveillance camera system in their office building or business. But they can.

What are the laws that affect surveillance camera use in office buildings and businesses? What are the reasons why you should use cameras? Where can you place your cameras?

Answer these questions and you can make great use of surveillance cameras. Here is your quick guide.

Surveillance Camera Laws

The laws on hidden cameras vary from state to state. Nearly all states make it illegal to film someone without their consent while they are in the bathroom. You may not film someone in a manner that may record intimate parts of their body or intimate activities.

Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah all allow wireless surveillance cameras in areas where people do not expect privacy. These areas include hallways, lobbies, and worksites.

But the National Labor Relations Act prevents employers from recording people engaged in union activities. You cannot record a union meeting or a strike while it is ongoing. You must wait until your employees have left to turn your cameras on.

All three states are one-party consent states. If one person in a conversation consents to have a conversation recorded, they can record the conversation. This allows you to make audio recordings of telephone calls and conversations you have with your workers in public.

Uses for Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Hidden surveillance cameras can have several uses. They can capture employees as they commit acts of misconduct.

They can help you monitor if guests or intruders are entering your building. They can remain recording at all times, capturing footage of accidents so you can investigate what happened.

You can place your camera on the ceiling of a room. Some cameras have zoom functions so you can zoom in on a particular area. Zooming in may compromise the resolution of your footage, so you can place one camera closer to the area.

You can buy hidden video cameras from professionals like security experts. You can also ask them to install the cameras and monitor the feeds for you. This lets you focus on business operations and rely on the work of a trained professional.

An employee may find out about your cameras. You should explain the reasons why you have the cameras and what you do with the footage. If possible, try to tell your whole company about them so you avoid problems with your employees.

The Essentials of Surveillance Cameras in Businesses

You have broad protections for using surveillance cameras. You can place cameras in areas where your employees work and gather. You can also record customers as they enter your building.  Yet you cannot record in areas where people have the expectation of privacy. Bathrooms and changing rooms are off-limits.  Make sure you find cameras that can capture clear video and audio. Be open about your use of cameras so your employees are not put off by them.

When in doubt, turn to a surveillance expert. Robert Caswell Investigations helps business owners in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Contact us today.