Why Are Employee Background Checks Important? | Ask RCI PI
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Why Are Employee Background Checks Important?

employee background checks

Why Are Employee Background Checks Important?

Employee background checks may seem like a nice-to-have but not a need-to-have if you’re looking to add employees. If that’s how you see it, we would advise against it.

Consider for a moment that nearly 80 percent of job seekers lie on their resumes. These are people who will represent your company in the eyes of the public. Do you really want to let that go unchecked?

In the following article, we discuss why you should conduct employee background checks by looking at the five compelling reasons to do so. Let’s begin!

1. Employee Background Checks Catch Troubling Details

Catching employee misconduct on the front end is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. Troublesome employees can create major issues for the companies and organizations with whom they work.

Churches and nonprofits that work with children would need to know if they were hiring a sex offender or someone with a known history of sexual harassment. Police departments wouldn’t want someone enforcing laws who has a history of breaking them.

These are extreme examples, but that’s the type of risk you’re taking on as a business. At least, that’s the risk if you don’t do your due diligence in building your team.

2. They Call Attention to Discrepancies in Work History

Discrepancies in one’s work history can be an indication of deception. Either the employee isn’t telling the truth or there has been some mistake or miscommunication.

Regardless, the background check can help you work out any glaring contrasts before you invest time and money in the individual’s training. It will also limit your liability if something bad occurs as a result of that employee’s negligence or lack of experience and education. Hiring employees after a background check gives you peace of mind knowing the employee you’ve made an offer to is everything they claim to be.

3. Background Check Benefits Include Positive Notes

One of the benefits of background checks is that they can call attention to the good things as well. Businesses that can verify an employee’s background experience, education, and training, can move ahead more enthusiastically.

You are more confident to put those individuals in positions of authority. You are more confident delegating and letting them do their jobs.

4. They Help You Keep Compliant

There are federal, state, and local laws in effect throughout New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona, that govern business practices. Laws can vary. When there is a discrepancy, federal law takes precedent.

Navigating all this can be a maze businesses are not prepared to complete. Doing a background check can ensure the employees hired are in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. This is particularly important in the area of immigration and naturalization laws.

5. Background Checks Could Highlight Conflicts of Interest

One final area where a background check can greatly support your business is in the area of conflicts of interest. Businesses that employ candidates who have clear conflicts can set themselves up for legal and PR nightmares.

You’ll see this scrutiny at play significantly in the public agency space. Taxpayers want to know their interests are represented without bias. If you have an employee “double-dipping,” it can mar the whole organization.

Background Checks Are an Important Step in How to Hire Employees

Employee background checks are easy to do with the right partner. If you are in the New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona areas (or have interests in those states), then you’ll want investigators who know the law and the geopolitical planes. Contact Robert Caswell Investigations today to arrange for your background investigations.